Erin & Sean in Sebastopol

Erin and Sean began their wedding day at the Vine Hill House in Sebastopol (where Erin prepared) and at the Flamingo Hotel in Santa Rosa (where Sean prepared).  Their nuptials were at the beautiful, newly-frescoed Saint Seraphim cathedral outside Santa Rosa.

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Mavredakis-Struder 0135 proof

Per tradition, Erin’s father walked her to the entrance of the cathedral, accompanied by her entourage.  Including the first prayer in the foyer, the entire ceremony was conducted in music, in the Greek Orthodox tradition.

Mavredakis-Struder 0184 proof

Mavredakis-Struder 0175 proof

Mavredakis-Struder 0177 proof

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Mavredakis-Struder 0209 proof

Mavredakis-Struder 0217 proof

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Mavredakis-Struder 0269 proof

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Mavredakis-Struder 0289 proof

They received family and friends in the courtyard and stopped to take in the glory of the cathedral, then moved on by cable car to the Vine Hill House in Sebastopol.

Mavredakis-Struder 0321 proof

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Mavredakis-Struder 0377 proof

Mavredakis-Struder 0420 proof

Mavredakis-Struder 0454 proof

The sun set on the reception, with vineyards on the horizon and a light-hearted celebration of the new union.

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Mavredakis-Struder 0514 proof

Mavredakis-Struder 0489 proof

Mavredakis-Struder 0491 proof

Mavredakis-Struder 0560 proof

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Mavredakis-Struder 0686 proof

Mavredakis-Struder 0709 proof

Mavredakis-Struder 0718 proof

Mavredakis-Struder 0738 proof

Mavredakis-Struder 0740 proof

Mavredakis-Struder 0760 proof

And of course everything erupted into revelry by dusk.

Mavredakis-Struder 0808 proof

Mavredakis-Struder 0824 proof

Mavredakis-Struder 0865 proof

Mavredakis-Struder 0867 proof

Mavredakis-Struder 0869 proof

Mavredakis-Struder 0897 proof

Mavredakis-Struder 0909 proof

Mavredakis-Struder 0913 proof

Many thanks to Erin and Sean for including us in their fantastic day!

– Tim and Shannon


Mr. M at Mountain View in Piedmont

Open public spaces in the Oakland/Berkeley area are at a premium.  Eschewing all suggestions of the morbid or macabre, Mr. M tore down stereotypes and rocked Oakland’s most scenic cemetery.  The first photographs I ever took with aesthetics in mind (when I bought my first single-lens reflex film camera) were at Mountain View.  Mr. M was more than enough reason to return.

Mr. M’s switched from a beige v-neck to a vibrant red sweater, which gave me pause at first. After seeing it in the photos, though, I wouldn’t have done any different.  The vibrant color complements his enthusiasm for running amuck.  His mother and I were in the same high school class.  Luckily for her, she looks the same as she did the day we gradauted.


Big Mr. T at the lake and after the goose

Lora and Ty found me through a mothers group in Castro Valley.  They introduced me to Mr. T, who took the opportunity to explore the park around Lake Chabot, kick a few leaves, and show us his stair-climibing and stair-descending proficiency.  True to two-year-old style, Mr. T made sure none of the geese at lakeside got too comfortable.  Lazy geese be darned!


Miss L, 2nd time around

Four months after my first visit, I got to see Miss L with Mum and Dad as well as their pooch Belly. It was a chilly December morning, and L let us know we only had a little bit of outside time before she directed us all back inside. Belly dutifully followed us everywhere, and even got in for a few family portraits. When I called L’s Mum today to get her print order, L was laughing up a storm that Mommy was talking on the phone. When you think of it, it is kind of funny that we hold pieces of plastic to our ears and talk to them.








Big D does the autumn jig

Mr. D was turbo-boosted. I arrived just after a nap, and Mom treated us both to pancakes, blueberries and bacon. Mr. D is a blueberry consumption machine. With blueberry fuel in his system, some turning fall colors, and Mom in the mix, D made my job easy.


Mr. N, revisited

I saw a model in a fashion ad on a bus stop today that I think Mr. N will resemble in 20 years or so. In the meantime, we’re keeping it fun.


Miss S, re-visited

I got a chance to see Miss S with Mom & Dad again yesterday.  Miss S’s father missed out on her first session, so we made sure to capture some quality time between the two of them.  Knuckles the German shepherd made a cameo as well.  Miss S is a giggle factory, making my job too easy.

images and text copyrighted 2008: Round Top Photography

Mister N’s 2nd birthday

I realize I will run out of letters to signify names rather soon. I will come up with some other nomer device.

Mr. N hit two with a splash, including a bath that went well until one of his neo-playmates joined him. After a judicious exercise of veto power over sharing his bath, Mr. N went on to take down several pieces of cake and chase me around the house. He *loves* to have me jump out from behind a corner and scare the skittles out of him, so we did that for a half hour or so. His parents are hard-partying intellectuals with a flavor for napalm, so he’ll indubitably be ready to take on the world by the time Obama’s out of office, Inshallah.

all text and images copyrighted 2008: Round Top Photography

Mary & Michael’s engagement session

Just one week before the nuptials, Mary and Michael braved thunderheads and storm winds with the Golden Gate Bridge in sight to shoot their engagement session. They printed ten images and framed them during the reception, which were a monster hit with their guests.

All images and text copyrighted 2008: Round Top Photography. All rights reserved.

Miss S

Miss S is a treasure. According to her grandmother, she gives “mature” looks when I get near with the camera. She is fortunate to have parents who brew beer, write poetry, and, on the whole, win. I’ll be seeing Miss S again soon, and I’m looking forward to it!